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2BMobile a Marketing Consultancy for Engineering Organization
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Who are we?

2BMobile LLC is a marketing consultancy company focus on the needs of technology companies that have built great products but are having challenges in their marketing efforts. We offer a range of services from go-to-market product launch to factual CMO services.

What is a Marketing Consultancy?

2BMobile is a marketing consultancy. What is a marketing consultancy, you ask?  Marketing consultancy works with all of our client’s organizations to help define the product’s unique value proposition and the go to the market strategy. Think of us as helping state the marketing problems and the plans for an organization to succeed.

Contrary to what most marketing agencies do, which is to be a outsource part of a defined marketing plan that has been created by the organization’s CMO. We can do this too, but we are glad to refer you to some excellent agencies that we have worked with if that is all that you need.

Why Technology Companies?

We have over thirty years of technology sales, business development, and marketing experience. We have seen over and over again that many of the small to medium size companies build brilliant products but do not know who to bring it to market successfully.

The technology companies we have worked with have been very successful by being the best in designing and building great products. However, in the last decade, that product superiority alone is not enough to own the market. Customers today buy more than the product. They want training, support, and services. In other words, you have to deliver to your customer a holistic solution, not just a single point product.

The marketplace has changed, the marketing sales roles have changed, and if you are still running them as you did ten years ago, you are in serious trouble. Contact us now. We can help you.


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